Podcasting services


We now offer a complete podcasting system, to allow any radio station’s programming to be available 24/7, and to be accessed either from your website, or using any portable audio player. Our goals are to make podcasting as easy and affordable as possible.

Let our system work for you

We work for youSimply set your schedule on our web site. Once done, we will record your shows individually from your stream, store them on our high-capacity download servers and make them available in many ways to your listeners, without any intervention from you. You remain in full control of what is recorded.

Access for everyone, from anywhere

everywhereWe provide many ways to integrate podcasting to your website. Some are as simple as inserting one line in a webpage, others allow integration to Facebook and other social medias, and all provide up to the second accessibility to your podcast archive, from your website or anywhere else.

Know who’s listening

Do you know who’s listening, and when ? We provide a rich interface so you can see who’s downloading what. Our statistic interface gives you a detailed view, either globally or by show, to see where your users are located, up to the city level.


Our pricing options allows all radio stations to be able to afford to keep an archive of it’s content.

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